Marina di Ravenna and gastronomy

There are many restaurants arranged with the Hotel Diga, where you can enjoy our typical food. Among the many typical dishes of our land, we want to remember the piadina (see recipe below), the pasta: cappelletti, passatelli and strozzapreti, our deli meats and salamis, our soft cheese the “squaquerone” and the “formaggio di fossa” (a kind of cheese cured in caves), caramelized figs, the Zuppa Inglese (typical dessert), vegetables in dip and the classic grilled fish or meat.

To make a good Piadina:

Flour 1 kg
Salt 30 gr.
Natural Yeast 16 gr.
Baking soda 6 gr.
Lard 180 gr.
Enough warm water to make firm dough.

Allow standing and work to create balls of about 120 gr.

Spread the dough into a disc of 25-30 cm in diameter and cook on both sides on the baking clay.

Cottura Piadina Romagnola
Cą de Ven - Ravenna
Piadina Romagnola con Affettati
Piadina Romagnola con Affettati e Formaggi
Cappelletti al ragł o in brodo
Passatelli in Brodo
Strozzapreti al Ragł
Tagliatelle al Ragł
Formaggio di Fossa
Squacqurone con Piadina
Grigliata di Carne Mista
Grigliata di Pesce
Verdure fresche in Pinzimonio
Zuppa inglese romagnola
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